Citrix Help

Before you access the labs you must install Citrix Receiver on your local machine. Go to the Citrix Receiver download via web browser to download/install the appropriate desktop software.  Once installed please reboot your system.

Citrix Web Interface

  • Once logged into the Live Labs interface you will be set into Pod Control which is under Home>Labs>Go to Lab. You can launch the Citrix Live Labs interface by clicking PC-Console under Pod Links found on the left side of the page.
  • You should see desktop icons corresponding to your class and pod assigned by your instructor. Launch the icon you have been assigned by clicking it in the interface.
  • If the desktop launches then leave open the Citrix desktop page during your lab time. 

Citrix Web Interface Troubleshooting 

  • If you click on the desktop icon and nothing happens you may need to add to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer/Edge. 
  • When you click the icon it responds “Cannot start desktop <name of desktop>” please right click the icon and select “Restart” Wait 1 minute for the desktop to restart and launch. You may need to click the icon again or refresh the web page depending on your browser. 
  • If your browser downloads a file or doesn’t seem to do anything when connecting to the desktop your browser may need to have the Add-ons or Plug-in enabled for Citrix ICA Client in the settings/options for the browser.  
  • If you continue to have issues launching the desktop please try a different browser if you have the availability. 
  • Please inform your instructor if problems continue.
  • If you are having issues with the current Citrix Receiver for Windows provided directly from please download the legacy version below. Before installing please uninstall Citrix Receiver from the “Programs and Features” section of the “Control Panel” and reboot your system.

Citrix Receiver Windows Legacy