Selecting a Lab

Clicking Labs makes a list of labs appear on the right. These are labs you or an administrator have added, for active use, and they are ready to be viewed or reserved. When you click a lab title, that lab is the one that will be viewed via the View command, reserved up to two days in advance via the Schedule command or taken ad-hoc via the Enter command.

Unless you are in a reservation, lab selection is where you go when you first log in. It is also the action of Labs and Labs > Work with labs on the horizontal menu bar.

At the bottom of the lab list, there may be a link called Add labs. This link brings up a list of labs you are allowed to work with, but which you have not yet added for use. It costs lab credit to add the lab and view it, but that cost also pays for the first reservation with that lab. So you may wish to add only labs you know you intend to perform on the lab equipment in the future. This is especially true if you have been allowed more labs than you have credit for, or if you wish to have the option of repeating some of them rather than viewing the most labs possible.

If you do not see the Add labs link, it means either you have no labs at all, and none to choose from, or that you have already added all the labs for which you have the option.

NOTE: Your credit balance will not show credit that is invested in the first reservation for each of your labs. For example, if you add "CCNA Bootcamp (v2.3) LG09: Using CDP", your credit balance will go down by one, but it will not decrease again when you take that lab for the first time. But if you make a second reservation for that lab, credit will be deducted again at that time.