Scheduling a Lab

The Lab interface offers two ways of setting up a lab reservation.  Usually you can do a lab "on the fly" without needing a prior reservation, but if most pods are reserved, it may be beneficial to make an advanced reservation.

The Schedule command shows you reservations you already have and allows you to reschedule them or schedule new ones. If there are no future or in-progress reservations, you will immediately see the scheduling page.

The Enter command allows you to begin performing the lab exercise. You are allowed to enter a waiting page starting 15 minutes before the lab. This page will display a server clock using the local time of the server, and a countdown clock. Once the lab starts, the page will change to provide access to the equipment.  During the lab, you can refer back to the lab document from the lab session page. You are given warnings at the 5- and 1-minute marks before the end of the lab session. Most labs permit approximately one hour, minus setup time, to complete the lab.