Pod Actions

On the Lab Session page, you will see several device links below the clock. You can click the pod link and see several actions:

  • Reset To... - offers to reset your equipment to the start state (preconfiguration) of any lab supported by the and for which you have usage privileges. You may also specify that a compatible saved configuration be restored during the reset operation. If you use the "Change Doc" button rather than the "Reset" button, it will change the lab document without performing any reset.
    Important Note: If you reset the equipment, you will be prevented from using the system for a period of several minutes, since the reset requires total control of the equipment during that time.
  • Topology - connect to your pod topology diagram to do the lab
  • Setup Results - allows you to see the results of all the setup activity for this reservation (scheduled setup at the beginning, plus all resets.)
  • Save config (some courses) - saves the configuration of all relevant devices. You can use the configurations link (near the bottom left) to look at these configurations and copy them to your workstation, and Reset to... link to restore them.
    Important notes:
    • Save config copies the existing configuration to non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) and captures a copy of that. So when you use Save config, you are also updating all devices' NVRAM with their running configurations.
    • You cannot restore a configuration to a different type of pod, nor a pod with a different pod number, than the one on which you saved it.