Connecting to a Character Device

When you click a network device on the topology diagram, you will go straight to a a telnet session connecting you to the device.

Once the telnet session starts, an access server may present you with a password prompt. Enter the same password that you used to log into the lab system. You should see an acknowledgement saying "Password OK" or "Console Active. Press enter to see prompt." When you see either message, you are now allowed to use the device console, but you must hit the <Enter> key again to get the device to prompt you.

Depending on the lab exercise, you are likely to get another password prompt at this point. If you do, it will not be your lab system password, because you are no longer being prompted by the access server, but rather, by the actual network device. The lab instructions should tell you what the passwords will be for network devices.

Important Note: in a very small number of cases, the lab exercise purposely leaves the device powered down and you will therefore get no response on the console until you turn its power on. Sometimes, the device configuration is blank and you are prompted about entering the system configuration dialog. Please read the lab instructions carefully to see what state the device is expected to be in, before using the device.

Notes on Special Keystrokes Break sequences are occasionally required, e.g., for password recovery on a router.  To do this, click the "Send break" button on the device tab.

Acknowledgements Live labs use the Java Telnet applet, Copyright © 1996 - 2005 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meissner. Java Telnet sessions are redirected to their final target system using software based on the mrelayd program Copyright © 1996, 1997 Marcus Meissner.