Connection Choices - Terminal/Character

Before attempting any access to the devices in the labs, you should consider the firewall setting. The "firewall wizard" on the main labs page and the login page helps you to determine whether you have any firewall or proxy restrictions that affect the use of character-based lab devices. The firewall wizard should recommend to you one of four choices:

  • Standard - telnet is run from your system, using a program on your system, to reach the devices. It uses ports 2001, 2002, up to 2161. Usually this will only work if you are running a lab from home (ISPs rarely impose firewall restrictions currently) or a fairly open corporate network.
  • Port 23 - runs telnet from your system, using a program on your system, to reach the devices. But rather than using the frequently-closed ports in the 2000 range, it uses port 23, which is sometimes open for outbound traffic on a corporate network.
  • Port 80 - similar to the port 23 option. Uses port 80 which is normally used for http (web page) access.
  • Port 443 - similar to the port 80 option, Uses port 443 which is normally used for https (secure web page) access.

    Important Notes:
    • When using the HyperTerminal link for Standard, Port 23,Port 80 or Port 443, you should be prompted to open or download a file whose name ends in .ht. Internet Explorer 7 does not allow HyperTerminal files to be launched from the tempororary directory to which files are downloaded when you select "Open." So please choose "Save" and save the file to the desktop or My Documents, overwriting any prior version of the file if necessary. When the download is over, then launch it with the "Open" button.
    • You may find that you are not allowed the choice to "Save". If this is the case, you may be able to get this choice back with My Computer, Tools menu, Folder options command, File Types tab, HT (type those two keys), Advanced button, OK button, Close button.

  • Tarantella - telnet is actually run from within the lab system, and is therefore unaware of any port restrictions on your corporate network. The session is supported on port 443 through the SSL-encrypted Tarantella system. This should work for almost all corporate firewalls.
    Important Note: If you take two or more reservations using Tarantella back-to-back, it is important to log out of the Tarantella window and close its browser window, in between the two reservations.